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Concierge services aimed to work one-on-one with our clients to provide a luxury level experience.

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Karen Mayberry

Owner - Skincare Transformations by Karen, LE, LMT, BS

Skincare has always been a passion project for Karen. Growing up in Northern California, she struggled with teenage acne during the ’80s. The industry had only one answer back then, Noxzema-Strydex-Benzoil Peroxide or a visit to the Dermatologist for Accutane. 


After years of working in Business Management, Product Development, and Brand Management, she took a leap of faith and followed her dream of opening her own skincare studio. Since 2004, Karens journey has included earning multiple certifications and professional licenses in the beauty industry.        


The culmination of her hard work has created a welcoming and client-centered medical skincare practice.

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Kathern Romero

Owner - Bella Lash, Lash Artist, LE, CLS

Kathern, a Colorado Springs native, is a licensed esthetician and lash artist. She has spent over a decade in the beauty industry, starting off as a makeup artist and skincare specialist, but was drawn to lashes which quickly became her passion.

While she loves the art of lashing, it comes second to the wonderful connections she has built with her clients. She creates not only beautiful lashes, but a calm environment where you can turn off the outside world and relax.

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Naomi Wainwright

Owner of Rockwood Aesthetics, LE

Naomi started her education with a full Cosmetology license in Texas. Shortly after starting in the business, she found her passion lay in skincare services.


After moving to Colorado she honed her esthetics skills further and incorporated some of the latest skincare treatments available.  

In 2021, Naomi brought Rockwood Aesthetics over and joined Kathern and Karen in their journey.  Her passion to learn has brought new life and inspiration to our already amazing group of women. 

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